A plan for life.

Face the future with confidence, knowing you won't outlive your money.

Planning for retirement means monitoring your pace and mapping the road ahead. With proper planning, you can be confident of your current path, better allocate assets to help achieve your goals, and spend more time focused on your bucket list than on the markets.   

Your future awaits.

Preparation and education are keys to a successful retirement.

Our planning services incorporate a detailed cash flow forecast, including all inflows, projected spending outflows, taxes and asset growth. 

Put math behind your financial decisions.

Using Monte Carlo simulations we approximate changes in your odds of success that result from different spending or lifestyle decisions.

Monte Carlo simulation is using repeated random sampling to obtain results. When planning for retirement you're faced with difficult decisions. Running scenarios through our simulator, like an increase in your annual spending, shows how changes in our assumptions can affect you reaching your goals. This data guides us to improve your odds of success within our portfolios.

Results on a 3 million dollar portfolio.

  • How often did the portfolio survive?  94%
  • How often did the portfolio increase?  84%
  • What was the average long-term risk?  8.98%

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