Advice is invaluable when you need it.

Portfolio management is only a portion of my services.

As your personal CFO, I can increase your odds of success by using my DataDriven Process to help you make better financial decisions. Together we'll talk through decisions to maximize your liquidity, flexibility, and net worth.


Maybe you're close to retirement and wondering:

  • How much money do I need to comfortably retire?
  • How do my odds of success improve if I work one more year?
  • When should I take social security?
  • Is there a better way to finance my debts?
  • What happens if I sell my vacation home?


Maybe you have specific portfolio questions like:

  • How much risk am I taking in my portfolio?
  • How much money should I have in U.S. stocks? 
  • Should I be locating fees strategically?
  • How do I allocate between the three portfolios, and why?


Maybe you're looking at some life decisions:

  • What mortgage fits my needs and should I pay it off? 
  • How do I finance my next car or home improvement project? 
  • What should I do with my annuities?  
  • Should I pull money from my IRA or after-tax account? 

Tax optimization

In retirement, the person who influences your tax burden the most is your financial advisor.

Tax loss harvesting is the practice of selling securities in taxable accounts that show a loss. It offsets gains elsewhere in the portfolio and can shield up to $3,000 of income per year. We look for losses over the entire year, not just at year end.


The decision to pull money from an IRA or a taxable account matters. Rather than guess, or rotate between the two, we use math and tax law to guide our decisions.

Debt structure


Used wisely, debt structure can increase your liquidity, flexibility and net worth.

We run the math to explain the implications of your financing and payment options for the below scenarios:

  • Picking a mortgage type to finance your next home.
  • Paying down your mortgage faster or slower than required.
  • Financing a $50,000 purchase.

Discover how planning for the future helps you to stay on track.

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