Success is a direction,
not a destination.

Together we'll keep your ship on course.

With defined direction, let's find a clearer path towards financial freedom and peace of mind.

I'm a fiduciary for a select group of successful individuals. My clients are near or in retirement and want a reliable and more stable plan.

Client Services and Experience

Portfolio Management

Betavisor has three distinct portfolios constructed specifically to fit your needs, focused on risk and how it can work for your financial playbook. 

Advice and Protection

Beyond traditional portfolio management, advice is invaluable. Duly, our DataDriven Process™ minimizes unnecessary risk and increases your odds of success.

Strategic Planning

We'll look at the whole picture and create the right approach for you. Your individualized plan will provide a clear understanding of your financial future.

DataDriven Process™

Using math, history and finance, the DataDriven Process™ was developed to reduce a portfolio's risk and improve your odds of survival.

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