I am a fiduciary
for a small group of successful individuals.

My clients are near or in retirement, 

and want a clear, reliable, 

and more stable plan.

Success is a direction not a destination. I can help keep your ship on course.

A Clearer Path

Financial Freedom

Gain confidence in your path, knowing you won't outlive your money.

Defined Direction

Prepare for a range of outcomes and better allocate assets to help achieve your goals.

Peace of Mind

Spend more time focused on your bucket list than on the market.

Client Experience

Retirement Planning

I help you create an individualized plan based on your needs to provide a clear understanding of your financial future.

Holistic Approach

I look at your whole picture: your assets, goals and liabilities. Only then can the right approach be contemplated.

Wealth Protection

I aim to minimize unnecessary risk by utilizing my DataDriven Process™.

DataDriven Process™

Portfolio Allocation

Size, valuation and correlation all come into play to determine portfolio allocation based on facts and data. Let's use my DataDriven Process™ to allocate assets.


Nobel Prize-Winning theories from Harry Markowitz, Eugene Fama, Robert Shiller and William Sharpe shape my investment decisions. I'd rather study than reinvent the wheel.


Monte Carlo simulations can calculate and improve your odds of survival. Let's put history to use. 

Tax Minimization

Understanding that the decisions we make together will have a large influence on your future taxes. Let's be strategic with our decisions.

Debt Structure

Optimizing debt structure can materially increase our odds of success. Let's stop guessing with your debt.


Actual Advice

More than just portfolios.  Your personal CFO.

Portfolio Management

Only three portfolios.  Specific to your needs.  Focused on risk.

Strategic Planning

Your financial playbook. 

Keeps you on course.

In the news.


Betavisor, LLC

77 West Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654 United States